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Live in the moment, Become the best version of yourself

Time:2018-09-04   [Size:large    medium     small]

If you have not read up Inamori Kazuo's A Compass to Fulfillment, you might think this is a kind of chicken soup for the soul book. You might just hastily read it, and this book will disappear in your life. 

What if you are braver? You may fully relax and immerse yourself in the book. You will be obsessed with Inamori Kazuo's philosophy and make a conversation with the texts, and question yourself. You will quickly understand perceive how wise Inamori Kazuo's words are. I was lost in his words. I just hope I can draw some inspiration, and finally a flower can grow in my mind. After working overtime, I watched Kung Fu Panda 3. From 2008 to present, Po finally becomes a real master. When Po says, "I do not know who I am." His teacher answers, "If you only do things within your capabilities, you will never make a progress. I do not want you to become me. Instead, you should become yourself." I was awakened by the enlightening words. As the story unfolds, when winter comes, Tian Ao enters the mysterious panda village. Po says:" I will teach you Kung Fu."Who are you? Your strength is to become the best version of yourself." A few words enlightened me because of Inamori Kazuo's book. I recalled a quote: There is a saying: Yesterday is history .Tomorrow is a mystery .But today is a gift .That is why it's called the present (the gift). This moment is the most important. You should be the best version of yourself. 

Inamori Kazuo has been trying to be the best version of himself for all his life. He used to submerge himself in daily work like us. Over the years, Inamori Kazuo has casted his work into his soul to forge his values of work and build two business empires. He says, "If you can understand the meaning of work and devote yourself to work, you will have a happy life. You will have good character and personality and be stable only if you work hard and sharpen your mind."

Work is not only a tool to earn a living. To us work is our life. This period covers the best time in our life. Why do we need to work? You might have the same question as I do. Inamori Kazuo thinks the purpose of working is to improve our mind. Work can sharp our mind. Work is the most honorable, important and valuable behavior. We have to work to become better version of ourselves. How do we do to get better results? Inamori Kazuo summarizes the following formula by using the experiences of half of his life: results of life and work=the way of thinking*passion*capabilities. Inamori Kazuo says, "Even if your dreams seem unachievable and unattainable, you still need to set the goal and persistently show the goal in front of your fellow. When you are proud, you do not get carried away. When you are upset, you are not depressed. Working hard every day is more important than everything. A little research and innovation every day can make a progress. Doing a litter bit better than yesterday is the key to innovation in life and at work.

He also emphasizes that if you want to live a happy life and have a successful career, you have to have a correct and positive way of thinking." The key to maintain success is selflessness. Work selflessly. This reminds me of my experience of climbing Mount Emei in December 2015. On a snowy day, the road was slippery, the clouds were heavy, and the stairs were endless. I was stepping forward slowly. I will never forget the moment when I arrived: we walked on clouds! A picture unfolded in front of my eyes - blue sky, green trees and changing light. My heavy steps suddenly become light and felt relieved. The rest of road was pretty easy.

Working is also like climbing a mountain. When we change our way of thinking and improve our capabilities to embrace work, we will gain pleasure and a sense of fulfillment and be motivated to become an "extraordinary person" from an "ordinary person". Live in the moment. Remain true to our original aspiration. We should try to become the best version of ourselves at every moment. Eventually, we will become the better version of ourselves. We will rejoice in living in this wonderful world in the in the last hours of our life.

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